underwater picnic

underwater picnic

By Dianne Celemen

a feeling so singular

kissed by the pang of impermanence

skin and skin melt, visions blur,

and the unsaid harks patience

                                   like never before 

a sprint too altruistic

to pursue us; the concurring key

brows furrowing, eyes searching;

yet such a constellation he is to me

amidst this ocean:

   holding water in cupped hands

      buckets of emotion

         soak up, find a way to understand

a picnic underwater

stars pierce the looking glass

crafting what’s within

refracting what’s given

Dianne Celemen is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Biology and Education. She is passionate about studying the human mind. In her free time, Dianne enjoys appreciating art in many of its forms, including curating playlists, dancing on UNC Kamikazi, and attending art galleries.